Recruitment & Trainings

As per requirement with recruitment at Pakistan National Carriers all drivers should be at least 25 year old and have a commercial driver’s license. Drivers are required to have at least three years or more the road experience, possess a good driving track record, should have at least one good reference for his recruitment (personal guarantee), must be free from alcohol and any other drug addiction, and must be middle examination pass. Newly hired drivers always receive a comprehensive training program in regards to transportation and delivery processes of all hazardous materials. Afterwards they are tested in the areas of driving skills equipment handling, first aid, and HSE issues

  • Emergency response procedures
  • Defensive driving techniques
  • Operations of safety equipments
  • Extensive on the job training
  • Regular strict medical and behavioral tests and appraisals
  • Meetings and counseling before each journey


At Pakistan National Carriers, we take great pride in our drivers, technical and office personnel and we try to be very conscious of their problems and the problems that they face everyday. The reasons of our success are working very close with our all employee’s with regards to pre-employment, training, safety, retention, employee recognition, and performance and safety bonus programs. We encourage them to express their ideas and problems in open house session and meetings, suggestion boxes and encourages down top communication.