Our Working Strategy

Pakistan National Carriers, working strategy is as follows:


Following are Pakistan National Carriers operational objectives when preparing quotations for road transport services are as follows:

  • Understand the needs of the customer so that the personnel and equipment being proposed for the task are suitably trained and competent, and the equipment is fit for purpose.
  • Identify and assess all hazards associated with the tasks to be carried out and make sure that controls and contingency plans are in place and understood by all persons assigned to the work.
  • Propose the most effective means of performing the task within the time frames supplied by the client, giving due regard to health, safety and environmental issues.
  • Ensure that all vehicle and plant equipment offered is fit for purpose and that its technical integrity is not compromised while carrying out the work.
  • Arrange competent supervision and organise reporting paths/communication lines

Check & Audits

  • Check for action plan compliance
  • Measure results and services deliverables.
  • Audit activities to improve performance.
  • Check efficiency & economy of operations.
  • Check proposed action plan with client’s need.


Considering the needs of the client, prepare comprehensive action plan viable both for client and company. Install appropriate equipment in our vehicles and necessary machines for repair & maintenance before deployment. For high volume sites, make arrangements for offices/ representatives to provide assistance and complete coordination to clients.

Follow up

Keep obtaining client feed back through formal and informal meetings and customer feedback forms. Which help us in improving our services and providing clients peace of mind with complete satisfaction, we take immediate actions on clients’ request to correct deviations, if any, or alter the planned services, if required. Implement efficient and effective procedures suggested by Audit Committee to improve our services.