In every service we provide, we are committed to protecting the environment and Safe fuel delivery to its destination. Our goal is to conduct business at the highest standard of environmental consciousness and safety, doing all that’s in our power to prevent spills at all petroleum locations, improve equipment based on the latest environmental standards and develop a culture of accountability among our employees.

Likewise, we work hard to maintain a level of safety in all that we do. We have established comprehensive programs and standards for our company, allocating significant resources to facilitate a continued focus and attention to safe and environmentally conscious practices, as well as secure delivery vehicles.

Our employees participate in detailed training sessions and regularly undergo on-site safety observations to ensure that all work is done in a way that meets and exceeds our standards of safety.

Being a transport company, it is our main aim and policy of “Pakistan National Carriers” to continue all transport operations in such an excellent way to alleviate all hazards to health, safety and environment and to make sure safe traveling of destination. “Pakistan National Carriers” transport company commitment to follow and practice all HSSE rules & regulations in conduct of all business activities.


  • All drivers will be trained by C&T (Consult & Train).
  • Prevent all kinds of accidents.
  • Protect the Environment by reducing pollution.
  • Manage a system where there is no harm to people.
  • Conduct / participate in training and safety campaign to increase the awareness about HSSE.
  • Encourage involvement of employees in Health, Safety, Security and environment affairs.
  • Ensure that all the driver and vehicles are fit and well equipped.
  • Conduct safety meeting with staff & drivers & provide trainings.
  • Prevent harm from logistic activities to employees and others.
  • Comply and cooperate fully with all laws and statutes of the public authorities relating to safety regulations and standards.
  • Ensure drivers report near misses, potential incident and accident.
  • Openly report our HSSE performance, good and bad.
  • Encourage those who contribute to improve HSSE performance.